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BasicPulse is a mindset; a set of ideas for a remarkable life.

First, a caveat.

The idea of being "remarkable" is tricky. To make things simpler it's needful to place it within context. Two contexts stand unique in our query:

    1.  Life

    2.  Living Life.

Given the context of life, the grand scheme of things, being remarkable means nothing. It's means everything around you is remarkable therefore, by some stroke of logic, nothing is. The remarkableness of everything lies in this paradox.

Take this astronomical instance: the Sun can hold more than one million balls of planet Earth. The Sun is the only star in a planetary system called The Solar System; this system has, arguably, nine planets. This Sun is one of over one billion stars in its home galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy. A relatively small galaxy, the Milky Way is one of over a trillion galaxies in the universe, each holding billions of stars and ... If it's a bit difficult to comprehend this, forgive our miserable attempt at describing what is nothing short of astronomically awesome.

The pedestal of significance upon which we place ourselves bothers on psychotic when we speak about our "remarkableness", within context of the grand scheme of things.

But the real deal, the reason for our interest, lies within the condition of living life. Given this context the fundamental query is how can I live (well)?, how can I negotiate/navigate the condition of living to one of remark-ability? How can I be remarkable? Where remarkable means having and exercising power to do what one wants. Some might call it freedom. But we think freedom - the ability to do whatever you want - is only made possible within a cage of deterministic rules. Finding out and living by these rules is what BasicPulse is about.

How to be Remarkable

Navigating life can be messy. Expect it to be, keeping this in mind takes half the "human condition" load off. Our findings reveal three features as fundamental to living a remarkable life. They are:

1. Curiosity
2. Appreciation
3. Progress

It's pure coincidence the first letter from each word lines into CAP when strung together, but there you have it: CAP. Don it as you navigate life in efforts to live (well). Your (remarkable) life depends on it.

Why BasicPulse is AdFree

Simon Sinek said, 'true sense of purpose comes from serving those who serve others'. People exist who can benefit from the knowledge presented on BasicPulse; people who might be busy researching the next breakthrough in science, or constructing much needed projects in engineering, or starting movements needed to reshape society into what it needs to be. They might not have the time to seek out knowledge to help them lead the kind of life they find more satisfying. An Ad free BasicPulse truly engages those who come to the page for knowledge. It's devoid of the distraction that comes from ads which serve to get the mind off what readers might have come to the page to receive. An ad free BasicPulse says, in the truest sense, you came here for this message... here it is... it's yours.



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